It’s All In Your Head

Ever feel like a bad parent? No need to confess; it’s probable that most parents, at one time or another, have felt themselves unworthy of the “Dad or Mom of the Year” award. Take me, for instance. Nearly a month ago, shortly after beginning to train with the cross country team, our youngest son reported…
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Farmer Girl, Part II

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”  –Robert Louis Stevenson All my life I’ve heard the tales. You know, the ones about people who dug a couple of zucchini plants into their gardens during May and were rewarded with such a bounty of oblong green squash…
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chicken fat

Fit For Life

Maybe you thought I was born with this sensational figure. Think again: My stunningly well-sculpted physique is the product of much reluctant exercise and several dozen 10-minute miles. Olympic training regimens? Not in my world. Every time I make the effort to attend the fitness class I favor, with an instructor who somehow admits me…
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fall, st. olaf

A New Lullaby

It wasn’t really so long ago that my little girl accommodatingly curled up in her crib for naps, face pressed into the mattress and lower body engaged in a charming toddler-style Down Dog, with her beloved Snuggle Bug blanket cozily wrapped in her arms. She’d awaken, singing sweet songs of childhood, so I’d know she…
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Running With The Bulls

Risk-taking is nothing new. Consider that the famous bull run in Pamplona, Spain, traces its roots to the 14th century. How many crazy people would voluntarily try to stay in front of several dozen angry, possibly panicked bulls while navigating a twisting, narrow cobbblestoned course of more than a half mile? Apparently thousands. Since official…
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