fall, st. olaf

A New Lullaby

It wasn’t really so long ago that my little girl accommodatingly curled up in her crib for naps, face pressed into the mattress and lower body engaged in a charming toddler-style Down Dog, with her beloved Snuggle Bug blanket cozily wrapped in her arms. She’d awaken, singing sweet songs of childhood, so I’d know she…
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Running With The Bulls

Risk-taking is nothing new. Consider that the famous bull run in Pamplona, Spain, traces its roots to the 14th century. How many crazy people would voluntarily try to stay in front of several dozen angry, possibly panicked bulls while navigating a twisting, narrow cobbblestoned course of more than a half mile? Apparently thousands. Since official…
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Of Potholes And Pitfalls

“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.”  –Henry Ford August is upon us, and with the new month comes no relief from that notorious fifth Minnesota season commonly known as “road construction.” Whether careening through narrow passageways of major highways artificially slimmed by miles of orange…
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A Billion Dollar Summer

In the middle of July, football isn’t necessarily the first thing on the mind of every Minnesotan. To be perfectly honest, football is rarely on my mind at all, but living with three men who are avid fans of the sport makes me aware I may be in the minority. Still, who doesn’t like an…
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Sweet Obsession

Everything–clothing, hair, schedules, motor oil, cocktails, food–is lighter in the summertime, or so it’s said. Magazines reliably trumpet headlines like “Summer salad suppers,” or “Easy & delicious summer recipes,” or “Simple summer meals.” While many people might be content with June, July and August dinners consisting of tossed salad, perhaps topped with grilled chicken, chilled…
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