One Night In Louisville

It’s likely that most people who are privileged enough to take vacations from their daily routines enjoy lengthier and more relaxing get-aways than my husband and I typically do. Consider last weekend, for instance. During a 41-hour stretch, we spent more than 24 hours driving–12+ hours each way from Worthington to Louisville, Ky. That’s 1,602…
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Sweatin’ With Adele

When the world and its troubles swirl around you, sometimes it’s good to have a reliable way to clear your head. No, I’m not talking about bottles of red wine with convenient screw-top caps, although there can be a time and place for those, too. One method I’ve found useful is a regular exercise plan,…
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rotting jack o lantern

Post-Halloween Potpourri

It should have been obvious that yesterday was Halloween. No, it wasn’t the plethora of fun-sized candy, the store clerks dressed in zombie costumes, the doorbell-ringing trick-or-treaters nor the jolly lit jack-0-lanterns that gave it away. Instead, my clue that this quintessential fall holiday had arrived came with the first Christmas catalog being deposited in…
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Pink breast cancer ribbon isolated

Think Pink

The human mind, in all its glory, is a difficult entity to comprehend. Consider that when it comes to a Powerball lottery, the odds of winning are 1 in 175 million–and yet up to 300 million tickets are sold as individuals prefer to believe they have a good chance of being the lucky winner. Conversely,…
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Bully For The Gold

Knowing right from wrong begins, for most humans, at a tender age. Few among us can likely remember when we were first told “No!” by our parents, as we perhaps pulled too hard on strands of our mothers’ hair or grabbed dirty objects from the floor and stuck them into our teething mouths, yet somehow…
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