A Post-Holiday Poem

‘Twas the week after Christmas and all through the town, the weather was weird and the mood, a bit down;

The presents were opened, the lights were still hung; but candles had dwindled and carols? All sung.

New Year’s Eve, yes, but beyond the glitz loomed– a full month of  work and school; heck, we were doomed.

Attitudes varied while home fires burned; cookies were growing stale, leftovers spurned.

The young adults sprawled over couches and rugs; books, phones, computers, cooled cocoa in mugs.

Some worked hard and practiced, while others grew bored; the parents were tired and, once in bed, snored;

Along busy Oxford, no bowling was found; also, no movies–but at least there’s Ground Round.

Piles of laundry emerged quick as weeds; more rapidly building than rabbits can breed.

In a flash, dishes and pans filled the sink–faster than ice skaters rounding a rink.

On, homework; on, job search; on, planning “what’s next?” On, new administration; on, “Whither, Brexit?”

And then in a twinkling we heard out of doors; what sounded like crinkling and crackling of floors.

Ah, don’t mind the ice falling hard off the trees; the yo-yo’ing temps will amend that, plus breeze.

Without a vacation to beaches or hills (because someone must stay to work and pay the bills!);

The dull, dreary days at the end of December can cause many mortals to pause and remember.

But even if magical Santa is gone, and snow has made way for brief glimpses of lawn;

It’s best not to dwell on the things left undone, but to focus on what one can do that is fun.

Think about others–some folks have it bad. Give of yourself, and you won’t feel so sad.

Share what you can and resolve to do better. Resolutions like that don’t depend on the weather.

Get up each day with a new goal in mind; be glad that you woke up at all, and be kind.

Take tiny steps to improve what you can; offer your help to a woman, or man.

So what if the holidays weren’t all you dreamed?  And what if your in-laws were making you scream?

Then take a deep breath and forget the last fest; Keep moving ahead and make each day your best.