Going Swimmingly

Saturday is an important day for the Worthington Area YMCA, and for the 52 members of the 2015-16  YMCA Stingray Swim Team. The southern Minnesota YMCA section swim meet will take place at the Worthington Y, marking the event’s local debut. It simply wasn’t possible to host a meet of this size until the Y’s…
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The Lonely Road

Southwestern Minnesota’s landscape never looks flatter, bleaker or more isolated than during the frigid months of winter. Frequently it reminds me of the barren, snow-covered Russian steppes depicted so chillingly yet with such striking artistic effect in David Lean’s epic film “Dr. Zhivago.” Only a few short days into the new year, necessity placed me…
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Cooking With The Stars

Have you ever mused about who you’d hire if it were within your means to employ full-time household help? Make your house like a contemporary Downton Abbey, but with less downstairs gossip? Truthfully, I have, though nothing will ever come of it. The possibilities are many: A chauffeur to assist in shuttling family members back…
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Hedging My Pets

Home for the holidays–sounds like a harmonious dream. Gathering together grandparents, cousins, in-laws, children and everyone dearest in one cozy place for a weekend, or even a single day, is what people are all about in the coming week. My particular Top 10 of family favorites didn’t happen to include a hedgehog, but since when…
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Christmas tree

A “How-To” Christmas

As if there wasn’t enough pressure, with December having already cruised into double digits and more obligations piling up by the hour, I received an email today from Martha Stewart. Martha wasn’t exactly who I was hoping to hear from right now, to be quite truthful. Maybe a cleaning service, or an organized friend with…
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