Sweet Obsession

Everything–clothing, hair, schedules, motor oil, cocktails, food–is lighter in the summertime, or so it’s said. Magazines reliably trumpet headlines like “Summer salad suppers,” or “Easy & delicious summer recipes,” or “Simple summer meals.” While many people might be content with June, July and August dinners consisting of tossed salad, perhaps topped with grilled chicken, chilled…
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It began innocently enough. “Just complete the family information in this section and return it on Monday,” gently coaxed our eldest son’s preschool teacher. No sweat. It was our first child, after all, and an early educational experience.  In some ways, it was maybe even a little thrilling to pen his full name, birth date,…
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robin in nest

Angry Birds (And Other Wild Things)

Robins and squirrels and bunnies–oh, my! Who would think hazards could stem from the innocent representations of nature inhabiting an average backyard? This year, as in many, many past springs (according to reports from our home’s previous owner), a pair of robins dared to construct a nest on a beam of the patio overhang only…
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whs band june 2016

Ain’t That America?

Smiling girls and two brave boys–of English, Laotian, Karen, Mexican, Guatemalan, Chinese, Scottish and German descent, among others–wave the flags in the Spirit of Worthington Trojan Marching Band, bringing to life the director’s vision in the ensemble’s new “Hooray for Hollywood” show. Suave boys, clad in spiffy tuxedos and well-groomed from their slicked-back hair to…
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The Minnesota Shuffle

How classic was this past Minnesota “spring?” Now that temperatures in the low 90s are predicted for the coming weekend, it’s easy to stuff away the memory of chilly February–and April–days. Then, no matter how powerful our positive envisioning processes were, it was difficult to picture ourselves sweating in the summer heat while mosquitoes hummed…
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