whs band june 2016

Ain’t That America?

Smiling girls and two brave boys–of English, Laotian, Karen, Mexican, Guatemalan, Chinese, Scottish and German descent, among others–wave the flags in the Spirit of Worthington Trojan Marching Band, bringing to life the director’s vision in the ensemble’s new “Hooray for Hollywood” show. Suave boys, clad in spiffy tuxedos and well-groomed from their slicked-back hair to…
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The Minnesota Shuffle

How classic was this past Minnesota “spring?” Now that temperatures in the low 90s are predicted for the coming weekend, it’s easy to stuff away the memory of chilly February–and April–days. Then, no matter how powerful our positive envisioning processes were, it was difficult to picture ourselves sweating in the summer heat while mosquitoes hummed…
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couch on curb

Playing House

A little bit of this; a little bit of that; a pot, a pan, a broom, a hat…so what’s a stove? Or a house?   –from “Anatevka” in “The Fiddler on the Roof” Nobody NEEDS a house full of furniture to survive, but in the good old U.S. of A., the cultural norm for humans…
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grad gowns

Hanging It Up

First there were baby blankets, colored in soft pastels and artfully draped over a crib railing as we eagerly awaited the birth of our new little one. Following that was a row of petite dresses, some in pink or yellow and a few in navy. Bedecked with sashes or ruffles, they brightened our daughter’s closet…
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Off The Beaten Path

“Stop and smell the roses,” they said. “Life is a journey, not a destination,” wrote the distinguished Ralph Waldo Emerson. Heck, even Miley Cyrus (way back in her clean-cut Hannah Montana days) crooned similar advice, courtesy of composers Jessi Alexander and Jon Mabe: “Ain’t about how fast I get there; ain’t about what’s waitin’ on…
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